current issue: July / August 2014

by Thomas Watson

Afghanistan is rich in natural resources, which optimists think will help the war-torn nation attract a steady stream of foreign investment that will dramatically improve local living standards and support the democratic reforms made during the recent U.S.-led occupation. But few business people know Afghanistan as intimately as Nasir Shansab, who isn’t in the optimist camp. Before he was forced to flee the country with his family in 1975, Shansab — who recently published Silent...
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Reconceptualizing the board and its metrics

by Knud B. Jensen

As chairman of Aetna in 1999, William Donaldson said: “I fear there is a growing cottage industry of superficial thought about corporate governance.” This statement rings true. Recent discussions of gender imbalance on boards of directors have resulted in a...

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Teaching executives the ancient art of persuasion

by John S. McCallum

The events that led to publication of this article are unusual. In December 2013, I had hip-replacement surgery, which eventually gave me pain-free mobility again. But immediately after the operation, I was still laid up at home for several weeks....

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Reviewing golf lessons for business enterprises

by Floyd F. Quinn and Debbie M. Thorne

At some point in the life of most golfers, it becomes apparent that the sport provides practical lessons to many other aspects of life, including the workplace. Indeed, many articles have been written about the comparisons that exist between the...

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Leading employees through major organizational change

by Jon Fairest

I took over as CEO of Sanofi Canada in May 2012 when the healthcare organization was preparing for major change. We were about to move hundreds of employees to a new corporate headquarters, a challenging operation at the best of...

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Big data and analytics: Go big or go home

by Christian Hagen and Khalid Khan

As Big Data continues to grow, the related opportunity to obtain a competitive advantage grows with it. By now, we have all heard about companies that have confidently moved forward, attempting big things around Big Data and reaping big benefits...

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Systems disparity: The implications of data proliferation on business decisions

by Kamil J. Mizgier and Nicholas G. Willis

The increasing reliance on data-based knowledge and its creation is rapidly changing how business is done. However, change always bears positive and negative effects. It is generally acknowledged that information is now one of the most valuable resources available to...

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From the Editor
Change is afoot at IBJ
by Thomas Watson

When appointed Editor of Ivey Business Journal late last year, I was tasked with leading an examination of the reader experience aimed at increasing the intellectual return on time invested...
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