current issue: March / April 2014

The Ivey Interview: Robert Kennedy
by Thomas Watson

Following an extensive international search by Western University, Robert (Bob) Kennedy officially became the new dean of Ivey Business School on October 1, 2013. The former head of the William Davidson Institute (WDI) at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business—who holds a Ph.D. in Business Economics from Harvard and a Masters in Management from MIT—brought extensive expertise on globalization with him. In this issue of IBJ, Ivey’s first academic dean in more than...
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Deconstructing Donglegate: Lessons from an HR Fiasco

by Charlice Hurst, Karen Macmillan, and Thomas Watson

In 2012, Julia Elman, an American IT professional, attended a tech industry conference with no policy in place to address sexual harassment. Thanks to repeated sexual advances by an aggressive male, she was forced to flee an informal gathering of...

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Pragmatic risk management in a tightly-coupled world

by Kamil J. Mizgier, Bublu Thakur-Weigold, and Stephan M. Wagner

One of the most publicized corporate failures in recent memory was the bankruptcy of General Motors in mid-2009, when the icon of American industry filed for Chapter 11 after years of mismanagement. But was mismanagement the root cause? If truth...

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Gender equality: Coming soon to emerging markets near you

by Yasser Bhatti, Sania Nishtar, and Ian Scott

To address issues critical to human welfare in emerging markets, representatives from the public and private sectors annually convene at the Emerging Markets Symposium at Oxford University’s Green Templeton College. Last year, the group’s focus was on gender inequality. The...

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Deploying big data to recruit and retain talent

by Leerom Segal, Aaron Goldstein, Jay Goldman, and Rahaf Harfoush

Big Data is the buzzword of the year. Every leader — whether they’re managing a small team or are at the helm of a multinational corporation with thousands of employees — is wondering how they can use Big Data to better...

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Best practices in strategic multichannel fulfillment

by Michael Hu, Raj Kumar, and Sumit Chandra

Multichannel retailing is growing explosively, moving pro-active retailers to reinvent the role of traditional stores and fulfillment. Walmart, for example, is experimenting with smartphone check-out, while Macy’s offers in-store customers the ability to have items delivered from a different location...

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Winning strategies for the solution economy

by Paul Macmillan and William D. Eggers

American economist Milton Friedman famously said the social responsibility of business was solely to increase profits. The millennial generation begs to differ. In a recent survey of today’s millennial crowd, Deloitte asked about the primary purpose of business. The most...

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From the Editor
A takeaway from SNC-Lavalin: Long leashes are dangerous
by Thomas Watson

As charges levelled at former executives of SNC-Lavalin work their way through courts around the world, the corruption scandal that rocked investor confidence in the Montreal-based engineering giant appears to...
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